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How do low light modes work on camcorders?
When you absolutely have to shoot video with little or no light, a low light mode can come in handy. You just need to keep in mind that the video quality will be poor using these settings.

The first level of low light modes simply turns up the video gain. This is like turning up the brightness on your TV, but as the video is being shot. This can make the images brighter, but they will appear grainy, as though a lot of tiny bugs are flying around the screen.

Another method of low light recording uses essentially the same technology found in night vision scopes. The video will look either black and white or slightly green. Bright objects will glow brightly, so eyes will appear to have a "possesed" look about them.

Another method uses infra-red detection to record, so warmer objects appear brighter. While this does get the shot, you may not find the video quality very appealing.

Low light modes get the job done, but the image side effects may not be desirable for your videos. On the other hand, sometimes it might just be the look you wanted for your mini-production.

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