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Why Widescreen?
HDTV Images
General Information
What is DVD?
How does DVD compare to VHS?
Why are so many DVDs in widescreen format?
DVD Players
What are some features I might want in a DVD player?
Can I use my DVD player as a CD player?
What is progressive scan?
Can I record my DVD discs with my VCR?
Why can't I pass the DVD player video through my VCR?
DVD Recorders
How do DVD recorders work?
Can DVD recorders play regular DVD discs?
Can discs I create with a DVD recorder play on a regular DVD player?
+R/+RW, -R/-RW, and DVD-RAM - what format should I choose?
Can I remove commercials from shows I wish to record to DVD?
Can I transfer my home movies to DVD?
What are dual-layer DVD recorders?
DVD Discs
What are dual layer DVDs?
What are anamorphic DVDs?
What are regions and what do they do?
Can I make back-up copies of my DVDs?
HD-DVD and Blu-Ray
What are HD-DVD and Blu-Ray?
Will HD-DVD and Blu-Ray compatable with each other or older the older DVD format?
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