Computer Buying
Computer Building
The Webcast
Monthly Broadcast
Why Widescreen?
HDTV Images
Ports and Connections
What do all the connections do on my computer?
How do I hook up my computer components?
What types of monitors are available?
How do I set the resolution settings of my monitor?
How do I enable and adjust the power management settings of my monitor?
Do I need a screensaver?
Printers and Scanners
What are the differences between standard and photo printers?
How do I install a Printer?
How do I add a networked printer?
How do I share a printer with other computers in my network?
How do I set the default printer?
How do I install a USB scanner?
Is it possible to scan or print a picture without using my computer?
Digital Cameras
What are Megapixels?
What is a CCD?
What does SLR stand for?
What are some storage formats digital cameras use for "film?"
What else should I consider besides megapixels when choosing a digital camera?
Memory (RAM)
What is Memory (RAM)?
How much memory does my computer need?
How do I install memory?
Video, Audio and Other Expansion Cards
What do graphics and capture cards do?
Why don't some computers have graphics cards?
How much video RAM do I need?
What is an AGP port?
What is a PCI slot?
What is an PCI Express slot?
What does an audio card do?
How do I replace my motherboard's onboard audio with a new audio card?
What is the SPDF jack for?
Storage Devices
What are my choices of hard drives?
How large a hard drive do I need?
How do I install and set up a second hard drive?
How do I replace my current hard drive?
What types of external hard drives are available?
What types of CD or DVD drives are there?
Are floppy disks dead?
What are Zip and Jazz drives?
What is a USB flash or thumb drive?
Can I use Memory Sticks, Compact Flash, Smart Media, and other storage cards to store computer files?
What are DAT drives?
What are Microdrives?
Modem and Networking Hardware
What is a Win Modem?
What does a network card do?
What are the differences between hubs, switches and routers?
What are my wireless networking choices?
USB and Firewire
What are USB and Firewire (IEEE 1394)?
What is the difference between USB 1.1 and USB 2.0?
Does USB provide power for some devices?
Can I add USB or Firewire ports to a computer that doesn't have them?
Other Hardware
What are my options for keyboards?
How do I choose between a mouse or a trackball?
Should I choose a rolling or optical mouse?
What are digital art tablets?
Can I get a bar code scanner for my computer?
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