General Software Topics
How do I install a program?
How do I delete or uninstall programs or files?
What are some helpful programs I might want?
What Anti-Virus software is available?
What programs can I use to edit my digital photos?
What programs can I use to copy my CDs into my computer or create MP3s?
What is the difference between "Close" and "Exit?"
How do I use the copy, cut and paste functions?
What is a dongle, and why does some software need one?
Windows System Tips
What does the right mouse button do?
How do I open files using my mouse and is there a way to do it with a single click?
How can I make folders open up in separate windows?
How do I move the Start Menu?
How do I make the Start Menu hide itself when I'm not using it?
How do I move, add, or delete items in the Start Menu?
How do I place a volume control icon in System Tray section of the Start Menu?
How do I enable sharing on a drive?
How do I rename a disk or drive?
How do I search for files on my computer's hard drive?
How do I find out how much space is left on my hard drive?
How do I defragment my hard drive?
How do I format a disk or hard drive?
How do I create a desktop shortcut icon on my desktop that opens a file or program on my hard drive?
How do I change the colors, background wallpaper and settings of my desktop?
What are some keyboard shortcuts I can use in Windows?
How do I add a font to my system?
Where do I find the Device Manager?
What is the Command Prompt window for, and how do I access it?
What is "Safe Mode," and how can I enter it manually?
Why do I have to provide a driver for some USB devices in Windows 98, but not in Windows 2000, ME or XP?
Why don't some games work with Windows 2000?
Is XP Pro better than XP Home?
I just upgraded to Windows XP. Where did the My Computer, My Network Places and My Documents icons go, and how do I get them back?
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