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Why do I have to provide a driver for some USB devices in Windows 98, but not in Windows 2000, ME or XP?
Windows 2000, ME and XP provide full support for USB, with XP being the most refined. The same can't be said for Windows 98.

USB devices do work in Windows 98, but the true "Plug 'N Play" feature or this connection doesn't totally work with this system. In addition, only the second edition of Windows 98 actually even allows USB devices to function. The first edition doesn't even do that, nor does Windows 95 or earlier.

To get a device to install under Windows 98, you'll need to provide a driver. This isn't necessary under Windows 2000, ME or XP. In fact, XP usually doesn't even need to go through the full install process, making connecting a USB device even easier.

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