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Getting Started: Building A Basic Web Page | Advanced Publishing
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Getting Started: Building A Basic Web Page
What are some programs I can use to create a web page?
How do I change the background color or use a picture as a background?
How do I add text to the page?
How do I change the size, color or other attributes of text?
How do I create a link to another page?
What file formats should I use when creating graphics for my site?
How do I add a picture to my page?
What are cells and tables?
What are frames and what should I know about them?
Why doesn't my page look the same in all browsers?
What do I need to know about bandwidth?
How do I make an e-mail link so people can contact me?
Advanced Publishing
How do I create and use CSS (Cascading Style Sheets)?
How do I add sound or video to my page?
How do I create rollover buttons?
How do I create rollover text?
How do I remove the dotted line that appears around links when I click on them?
How do I create a slide show?
Hosts and Domain Names
How do I obtain a custom domain name for my site?
What are some free web site hosts?
What are some advantages of using a paid host?
Uploading Your Site to a Server
How do I upload my site to a web server?
What are some programs I can use to upload my site?
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