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Why Widescreen?
HDTV Images
General Information
What is a PVR or DVR?
How do PVRs/DVRs work?
Why would I want a PVR or DVR when I have a VCR - don't they essentially do the same thing?
Why is there often a service fee for a PVR or DVR when my VCR doesn't have one?
Are there any PVRs or DVRs that record HDTV?
What are some advantages of PVRs or DVRs that have built in satellite or digital cable receivers?
Do all PVRs or DVRs require a phone line connection?
What are some features common to all TiVo units?
What are the differences between standalone TiVos and those with satellite or cable tuners built in?
Is there an HDTV version of TiVo?
What is TiVo-to-Go?
How much does TiVo cost?
How do I replace or upgrade the hard drive in a TiVo?
What are some backdoor codes and hidden features of TiVo?
What are some features of ReplayTV
How does the sale of ReplayTV to D&M Holdings affect the features of new ReplayTV units?
How much does ReplayTV cost?
Is there an HDTV version of ReplayTV?
Dish DVR
What are some features of the Dish Network DVR?
Is there an HDTV version of the Dish DVR?
How much does the Dish DVR cost?
What are some features of UltimateTV?
How much does UltimateTV cost?
Can I use the video inputs on the front or back to record from a VCR?
I heard UltimateTV equipment is no longer being made - can I still get service if I am able to aquire a unit?
Do UltimateTV units record HDTV?
What are some backdoor codes and hidden features of UltimateTV?
How do I upgrade or replace the hard drive in my UltimateTV?
Cable DVRs
How do cable company DVRs work?
Do cable DVRs work with HDTV?
How much do cable DVRs cost?
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