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Is XP Pro better than XP Home?
Like previous Windows systems, there is a Home and Pro version of Windows XP. This is the first time both products have shared a similar name. Windows 3.1, 95 and 98 had Windows NT while ME had 2000.

The fact that the only difference in the XP names is the Home or Pro designation has led some people to believe that XP Pro is somehow better than XP Home. This really isn't true.

XP PRo does have a few added features intended only for use with corporate networks (most home users don't need them), but the base system is identical. XP Pro is also no more reliable than the Home version. Though a few of the Pro networking features might be useful to some home users, any that are missing can usually be easily added or simulated with easy work-arounds. Some features that appear to be missing are merely hidden to prevent problems caused by users operating them incorrectly.

Generally, most home users should save their money and get the home version. In most cases, the only difference you'll experience is the name on the splash screen and Start menu.

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