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Why don't some games work with Windows 2000?
Windows 2000 is a business version of Windows. It was never actually meant to be used in the home environment despite the number of users that did. As a result, many were shocked to find their favorite games wouldn't run under it.

One major reasoin for this was a lot of games at the time didn't work well under the NTFS drive structure that 2000 used in place of FAT32, which Windows 98 used. While you didn't need to use NTFS, a lot of people did without realizing this might be an issue. NTFS is meant to work well with corporate networks, not home applications.

Another issue with Windows 2000 was its lack of gaming hardware support. Many of the drivers for those devices that worked under Windowws 98 didn't work well under 2000. In addition, certain Windows components necessary for 3D gaming weren't included or were stripped down for use on business machines.

Windows ME was supposed to be the solution for the home user, but the system was loaded with problems. Many users found it unstable on their computers. Windows XP, on the other hand, fixed many of those issues. Both the Home and Pro versions fully support game play.

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