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In years past, monitors didn't have all the power settings they do today. In addition, they were more prone to static images "burning in" to the screen if left there for too long. Today, computer monitors are less prone to burn-in and they have standby functions that can save power.

The solution for early monitors was a "Screen Saver". This was a simple program which replaced your task screen with a moving graphic image to help prevent burn-in. While these elements didn't save power (in fact, they tended to waste system resources by running in the background all the time), they did protect your screen.

Screensavers are now just a novelty. They don't really serve a real purpose, except to look neat. Since most modern monitors can be set to shut down after a certain amount of inactivity, you are actually saving power instead of just running fancy graphics. In fact, a black screen is probably the best screensaver you can use.

Screensavers can be another way to personalize your computer, but they aren't necessary.

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