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+R/+RW, -R/-RW, and DVD-RAM - what format should I choose?
There are three major recordable DVD formats out there: +R/RW, -R/RW and DVD-RAM. Though they are not directly compatable with one another, the +R and -R formats can both be used in most newer drives. Both can create discs that are readable in most DVD-ROM drives and DVD players.

DVD-R is a format endorsed by the DVD Consortium and was introduced first. DVD+R was introduced later by the ECMA (European Computer Manufacturers Association. DVD-RAM comes in a cartridge form and requires a special player to use it. It is seldom used due to the lack of widespread support.

While both +R and -R discs work in most DVD players, the discs cannot be recorded on if the recorder does not support the each format. Most recorders now support both formats, so compatibility isn't an issue as long as you buy a newer unit. In fact, many new recorders can also use dual-layer discs that hold roughly double the data.

In most cases, price and features of the formats are the same. If you have a dual-format recorder and your DVD player has no trouble playing either disc type, you can buy based on price.

As long as any DVD recorder you buy supports both + and - formats, you'll be fine for just about any situation. Supporting both formats will ensure you can create a disc that will be compatable with any DVD player, no matter which format it supports. If your recorder only supports one or the other, be sure you are buying the correct type.

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