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How do I clean a CD?
CDs rely on reflectivity in order for them to be read properly. Therefore, it's important to keep them clean. Of course, CDs also scratch easily, so it's important to do it properly.

Make sure you use a soft, lint free cloth when cleaning the surface. Photography lense cleaning tissue will work, too. Don't use cleaning fluids, since these can sometimes damage the CD. There are cleaning kits out there, but be careful. Some can do more damage than good.

Gently wipe the CD from the inside core to the outside edge. Don't wipe the disc in a circular pattern or you may damage it.

If you find that a dry cloth isn't cleaning the disc, dampen the cloth with ordinary water. Make sure it's only damp and not soaking wet. You're not taking the disc to the car wash, here.

Finally, wipe the CD dry so water deposits won't form on it.

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