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What types of multi-disc players are there?
Multi-disc CD players usually come in three types: Carousel, Rotary and Linear.

Carousel players are the most popular multi-disc units. The discs are loaded by opening a drawer or a flip-up lid. The platter where the CDs are place rotates to place the disc over the laser. This means many carousel players allow at least one disc to be changed while another one plays. Carousel units usually hold 3 or 5 discs.

Rotary players place the discs vertically in a ring that resembles a large doughnut. The discs are played in the center. The CDs are frequently inserted through a slot or small window opening. These units also often allow discs to be loaded while one is playing. These units can hold hundreds of discs. Some units offer a "quick play" single slot for playing individual disc that are not loaded in the player.

Linear players place the CDs in vertical slots from left to right. The discs are accessed via a door on the front. Discs are played behind the row of discs. These players usually hold 25-30 discs. You usually can't change them while one is playing.

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