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Can I get satellite television if I live in an apartment?
The FCC and Congress passed a law several years back that prevented rental property owners and associations from placing undue restrictions on the use of antennas or satellite dishes under 30 inches in diameter. This means you may be able to get satellite service at your apartment.

There are a few things to consider, though. One where you are allowed to place the dish. You are usually not allowed to put a dish in any location that is considered a "public area". This includes the easement between the sidewalk and the street, areas close to sidewalks, open lawns and even the roof (though we are still wondering how much of the "public" actually goes up there). You usually can't attach a dish to an exterior wall.

So where can you put one? You can usually put one up on a balcony or porch that leads only to your apartment (either mounted to a railing or embeded in a bucket of cement so it stands on its own). A flower bed is considered a private area and is another good choice. People often create a platform for the dish to sit on that slips under any window. This option means the dish isn't attached to the building and no holes need to be drilled for cables. The least desirable option is inside, looking through a window. Satellite signals don't go through glass very well, so you need a very good line of site to the satellites. In addition, you won't be able to use any blinds or curtains on the window.

Be sure to consult with your landlord or association before installing any equipment. They may be a little more relaxed about the rules and allow a mounting location that they aren't required to. In addition, remember that you do need a good view of the Southern sky wherever you mount your dish.

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