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How do I aim my own dish?
If you perform your own installation, probably the hardest part is aiming the dish. This is mainly because it takes a bit of tweaking to lock in the best possible signal.

You'll need 2 tools and also want 2 others. The necessary tools are a level and a wrench. The optional tools are a compass and another person.

The first step is to go to your provider's web site and get the coordinates for your area (each area is different since the view to the satellites changes from one location to another).

Next, install the mounting post for the dish. Make sure it is as close to perfectly level as you can get it, or the dish's angle gauge won't work right.

Loosen the clamp at the base of the dish and slip it onto the mounting post. Tighten it just enough so you can move it, but not so it can drift on its own.

Loosen the vertical angle adjustment screw and use the angle gauge on the side to point the dish to the position specified on the provider web site. Don't worry if it looks like it's pointing too low. The signal will bounce off it correcly.

If you have an oval dish, you'll need to set the tilt angle of the dish. Don't worry, the dish is supposed to be crooked. That's how it sees multiple satellites.

This is where the compass comes in. Find the proper direction to point the dish using the compass and begin moving it there. If you have an assistant, have them watch satellite receiver's setup channel on the TV. Have that person tell you when you hit the best signal strength. Be aware, depending on location, you may not get 100% signal strength. Anything in the mid to high 90's is excellent while the 80's are still very good. Keep working if you only hit the 70's and the day is dry and clear.

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