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Why do some people have a round dish, while others have an oval dish?
You've probably seen different shaped dishes on people's houses. Even dishes from the same company aren't always the same.

The round dishes you sometimes see are older models. They are designed to only point at one satellite. New dishes are more oval shaped since they are made to receive programming from multiple satellites at one time without being moved. You may have noticed they often appear crooked. That's actually necessary in order to catch the satellite streams coming from multiple angles.

Even among oval dishes, some have more LNBs (Low Noice Blockers - the device on the dish that catches the reflected signal off the dish surface). More LNBs allow more satellites to be used by one dish. Most dishes have two or three, but newer generation dishes will have 5 or more. In addition, the shape and size of the dish will begin to change to adapt to the large number of satellites each service will eventually be using.

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