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Can I use a splitter to send a satellite line to multiple receivers?
If you have more than one satellite receiver, you may be tempted to use a splitter to run lines to your hardware. This certainly sounds easier than running a dedicated line from the dish.

Unfortunately, unlike cable, you can't just pop a splitter on the line to send the signal to multiple devices. This is because of the way home satellite signals work. The channels reside on two voltages - one for the odd channels and one for the even ones.

When you use an ordinary splitter, the voltages are split. This means each receiver would only get half the channels at any given time. In addition, your receivers might not be able to access all the satellites that provide programming.

There are special devices, like multi-switches and stacker/destacker combos that allow a satellite signal to be properly split. These devices can be pricey, though. Often it is better to simply run another line directly from the dish. If you are out of connections on the dish, though, you'll need one of the devices listed above.

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