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How do I connect my equipment?
Connecting your equipment to most receivers is actually quite easy. Most have the connections labeled with devices that are a good fit and the cable colors match up with the plugs.

First, connect your speakers. Each should be labeled for the proper speaker. You may need to attach the proper connectors to your speaker wires to fit the ports on the receiver. Check your owner's manual for the type you'll need. Be sure that each black connector on the receiver goes to the proper black connector on each speaker - the same goes for the red ones. Be careful you don't get them backward. Be sure your main speakers are connected to the "A" output. Be sure the proper speaker set is selected on the front of the receiver.

Second, connect your audio-only devices like your CD player that use analog RCA jacks. There will probably be a connection labeled "CD". Use a red and white stereo audio cable for each audio device.

After the audio devices, connect analog composite (RCA) video devices, like your VCR to an input that doesn't have an S-Video connection. This will often be labeled VCR or DVR. Use a stereo A/V cable with yellow, red and white connectors on it.

If you have component (RGB) connections on any equipment as well as your receiver, connect them now.

Next, connect devices with S-Video Connections on them to inputs with S-Video ports. Look for labels like "Cable/Satellite", "DVD" or "LD". Use an S-Video cable for the video and a digital audio cable for the audio on devices that use it. For devices using analog audio, use red and white composite audio cables.

Finally, connect any audio-only devices that use digital audio connections.

The reason the devices that use digital audio cables were connected last is those cables are often very fragile. It's best to connect them once you are done fiddling with the rest of the connections.

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