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Why Widescreen?
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Why is HDTV equipment more expensive than SDTV (Standard Definition) equipment?

If you've been in an electronics store lately, you'll notice quite a difference in price between the SD TVs we're all used to and HDTV displays. While prices on HDTV sets have come down, but many can generate a huge case of sticker shock.

The reason HDTV displays are so expensive is mostly because they are new. In addition to high resolution TVs having a short history, the technologies they use are also quite new. Plasma, DLP and LCD technologies haven't been out long enough to have become more inexpensive. In addition, some technology (like flat panel LCD) is difficult to manufacture, so the price can be high based on the extra work involved.

The good news is, prices actually are coming down. The same basic TV from 5 years ago is roughly half the price today. The trend will continue. Don't forget, some of the early TVs from the fifties and sixties were the equivalant of several thousand dollars today. Now, that same basic technology can be had for a couple hundred dollars. If you can't afford HDTV now, you soon will.

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