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How do I capture video into my computer?
In order to edit your video with a computer, you first have to get it in there. There are a couple ways to do this.

The easiest way to capture your video is to use a firewire deck or camera running into your computer. Not only do most editing programs support this interface, many can remotely control the video device using the firewire cable. The bonus of using firewire is your video stays digital from camera to computer.

If you are using a VHS deck or an older analog camcorder, you'll need an analog capture card. In addition to standalone capture devices, there are cards like the ATI All-In-Wonder that combine video capture capabilities with a 3D graphics card. This means you'll only need one card for video editing and gaming. The newer versions also include firewire ports should you eventually upgrade your video device to a digital model.

Most editing programs support either method of video capture. However, some may not support all analog cards. You'll want to consult the software manufacturer's web site for compatable products.

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