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What video format should I use to edit?
Many programs offer several video format options to edit with. However, not all are equipped for best editing versatility.

For best results using a Windows home computer, edit your video using the AVI format. Not only does this allow you to work in a better format than most of the other choices, it allows you to easily manipulate the audio and video separately.

Some programs let you edit with MPEG video in order to save drive space. While this will work if all you are doing is simply trimming out unwanted shots, it's not very good if you wish to replace or change the audio, perform painting effects on video frames or add graphic overlays.

Some programs may have their own format for editing. Use that format if you are editing with a professional program like Avid, Media 100 or Quantel. These tend to enable more functionality within the software. However, stick with the standard AVI with home duty software.

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