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What should I know about pacing?
When you edit, it's important to consider the pacing of your video. Too slow and you'll bore your audience - too fast and your audience won't be able to keep up.

You need to consider the type of production you are creating as well as the shots you use. In the case of a video of a birthday party, you'll want to use quicker shots than with a video of your child's baptism.

Consider what is going on in the shot. Generally, you can sit on a shot longer if something is happening (people moving, etc.) than a static shot of a cannon in a park.

If you have words on the screen, either with an on-screen graphic or a sign you shot video of, make sure it's visible long enough for people to read it. When you edit the shot, be sure you can read all the words at least once easily before cutting to another shot. If the shot contains fewer than 10 words, make sure you have time to read them twice.

If you're editing to music, pace your shots to the beat. One thing to consider, though: You'll want to hit the beats with either the shot changes or with events happening in each shot, not both. Stick with one method or the other instead of mixing techniques.

Pacing can make a big difference between a boring home video and one that others will enjoy seeing. Leave those long wandering camera shots right where they started - in the camera.

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