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What should I know about titles and other graphics?
Graphics and titles can add a lot to a video. They can help identify people, locations and the shooting dates of events being shown. However, there are some things to consider:

Make it readable: Make sure you use a large enough type size as well as a font that isn't too fancy. What may be easily read on paper or a computer screen may be a muddy mess on a TV screen. Stick to simple typestyles and sizes of 24 point or larger.

Be careful with color: Avoid using a lot of red in your graphics and never use red text. Keep backgrounds somewhat dark and use lighter text. Don't put red, green or blue over each other because these look like nearly the same shade of grey on a black and white TV.

Watch out for the edge of the screen: Keep text away from the edge of the screen or it may get cut off on some TVs. If your editing program has a "safe title" area (a box that you should keep all text inside of) indicator, then use it. The video area of your editing program will show more of the edge of the video than your TV will, so keep things away from the edge. If your program doesn't have a safe title area indicator, use the "rule of thumb". Don't put an graphics less than a thumb width from the edge of the video window of your editing program.

Avoid lines that are too thin: Make sure any graphic lines you create are at least 5 pixels thick. Otherwise, they'll dance and flicker on a TV screen due to the lower resolution and scanning method.

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