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What should I look for in a case and power supply?
There are a few considerations when purchasing a case and power supply. Here a some things to look for:

- The Case: Look for a model that opens easily, provides easy to remove and replace back slot covers and plenty of drive bays. If it includes a power supply, be sure it is rated for no less than 400 Watts. Make sure the case offers front USB ports and a firewire port if your motherboard has connections for them.

- Power Supply: If this doesn't come with your case, look for a model rated for a minimum of 400 Watts. This is one area where price often reflects quality. Better units will actually offer sustained power at their rated wattage rather than just maximum levels. Be sure the power supply can handle all those system components powering up at startup. It doesn't pay to skimp in this area.

How do you tell the difference between a quality power supply and a poor one when you see them on the shelf? Pick them up and heft them a bit. A quality power supply will almost always weigh more. Those quality components have actual measurable mass. Of course, reading reviews and test reports will give you the real story reguarding the quality of a particular unit. Look for brands like Antec's TruePower line for best performance.

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