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How do I prepare my hard drive for installing my OS and software?
Before you can install Windows, you need to partition and format the hard drive. There are a few ways you can do this.

The easiest way is usually to use the setup disc that came with the drive. This will provide an easy to follow setup wizard that will prepare the drive for installing the system. Boot to the CD drive and allow the setup program to run.

Your Windows CD will usually allow you to format a disc, as well. This option is best for those that are reinstalling Windows on a disc that previous contained the OS.

The old method of preparation still works, too. If you have a floppy drive and a diskette containing the FDisk and Format utilities, you can boot to a DOS prompt and use them to setup your drive. First, run FDisk to create 1 or more DOS partitions on the drive. Then format each of the partitions you create. Be aware that older versions of DOS may not support large drives, though.

Once you have prepared your drive, insert your Windows install CD and boot to the CD drive. You may have to set the order the discs boot up in the BIOS.

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