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CRT or flat panel LCD: which should I choose?
In the world of computer monitors, you have two choices: Cathode Ray Tube (CRT) or flat panel LCD. While there is no wrong choice, one or the other can be a better choice for some users.

CRT monitors have been around for many years and haven't changed very much. The most dramtic changes have been related to color (and addition of better color) and the availablility of units that have flat glass screens instead of curved (they're still quite large in size and weight, though). Graphic artists and gamers still tend to prefer them for their sharpness, fast refresh rates and better color reproduction. In addition, CRTs tend to offer more precise calibration. Finally, CRTs offer much more monitor for the dollar since they cost less than an equally sized LCD. However, they tend to be big, bulky and heavy and use more power than LCD screens. They also tend to run hotter.

LCD screens certainly have a lot of appeal. What's not to like? They are slim, use less power, have fewer reflections from ambient light and run cooler. However, they tend to not be as sharp and their refresh rates aren't quite up to CRT standards. They also tend to be more expensive.

In the end, your prefences and wallet will need to decide which to choose. If you like the idea of a slim monitor and can afford it, go for the LCD. If you're on a budget, save some money on a CRT.

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