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What are my options for removable backup storage?
Removable storage comes in many forms. Here are some options:

USB Thumb Drives: These devices use solid state memory which means no moving parts to break down. They usually require no drivers and can fit in your pocket. Capacities run up to about 4-5 GB, so there is a lot of room for storage. They are also able to take a lot of punishment while still providing reliable performance. The down side is they are somewhat slow if not plugged into a USB 2.0 port. In addition, larger sizes can be somewhat expensive compared to other options. However, 1 and 2GB sizes are quite reasonable.

CD-R/RW, DVD-R/RW, DVD+R/RW: Writable CD and DVD drives provide a reliable way to back up data on a weekly or monthly basis. The discs can be stored in a safe deposit box so they'll be protected in case of fire or theft in your home. The discs must be handled carefully, though, to avoid scratching them. Also, they should be kept away from extreme temperatures. These discs, while good for backing up once a week or month, are not suitable for daily changes due to the expense of the discs. Even rewritable discs wear out after a while, so use them in combination with other backup methods.

External Hard Drives: External hard drives offer a great deal of backup storage that can be removed from your computer. They usually come with incremental backup software that can back up any files you change each day. The downside is that external hard drives are often too big to carry with you easily, have moving parts that can eventually break down and don't offer protection from fire. Use them along with a CD or DVD recorder and keep those discs off site for best protection

Memory Cards: Like the thumb drives mentioned above, these items use solid state memory. Unlike thumb drives, they are usually extremely tiny, but require a separate card reader to be used on a computer. The good part is their small size makes them easy to carry several with you.

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