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What are some other accessories I might want?
Getting just a computer can be somewhat limiting. Here are some accessories that will enhance your system:

Printer: You'll probably want a paper copy of documents on your computer now and then. Printers are not very expensive and handy to have around. It sure beats waiting to print at work or at a printing center.

Scanner: You probably have photos or documents you might want to store in your computer. A scanner allows you to get them in there. Like printers, scanners are increasingly getting less expensive.

Digital camera: Now that you have a computer, a digital camera may be handy for those quick snapshots of family activities you might not feel are worth the cost of film. Since you only need to keep the photos you like, there's no waste. In addition, digital cameras allow you to take a wider range of shots without buring a lot of expensive film. This means more choices when it comes to your photos.

USB Hub: You computer probably didn't come with very many USB connections on it. A USB hub will allow more devices to be connected. Be sure to look for a powered model so it doesn't draw from the computer. Be sure it supports USB 2.

External /removable storage drive: An external hard drive or thumb drive can provide storage outside your computer for when disaster befalls your internal hard drive. CD and DVD writers can create discs you can store in a safe deposit box in case you experience a fire or other disaster.

Backup battery: A backup battery will allow you time to save documents and shut the computer down properly should the power go out. This can go a long way toward preventing data loss. In addition, backup batteries provide protection against surges, spikes and brown-outs that can damage your system over time.

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