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What should I know about satellite Internet service?

Satellite Internet can be a great way for those living in rural areas to get broadband service. It can also be a good way for those who have satellite TV to avoid still being tied to the cable company where DSL is not available.

Satellite Internet does have its caveats, though. For one thing, it's very expensive compared to other comparable technologies. In many cases, the monthly fee is twice (or more) than Cable or DSL. In addition to the monthly cost, you'll need to buy a special dish. Even if you allready have satellite TV service, you're current dish won't work for Internet service.

In addition to cost factors, keep in mind the need for a view of the southern sky and having the dish mounted somewhere on your property.

Connection speed is another issue to think about. Satellite Internet speeds, while much faster than dial-up, are slower than most other broadband services. Also, the transmission delay that is part of satellite technology can make online gaming very difficult.

However, if your only other choice is dial-up service, satellite Internet can be a great alternative.

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