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What do I need to connect two computers directly to each other to share files?
If you only want to connect two computers together, you can do it in an easy way using an ethernet crossover cable. This looks like an ordinary network cable, but it doesn't require a router or other networking device.

A crossover cable reverses certain wires in the connectors so the data moving back and forth won't collide. Normally a hub, switch or router would do this instead, but with only two computers you don't need one. In addition to the crossover cable, you'll need a network card for each computer if they don't already have them.

Be sure both computers are set to use the same workgroup name or they won't be able to see each other.

A crossover cable is a good way to temporarilly connect two computers together, but a better solution for a permanant connection is to use a router. In addition to connecting the computers together, it also allows both machines to share a broadband connection.

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